Everyday life at 300 km/h

This year, to celebrate our partnership with F1® racing team Infiniti Red Bull Racing, we imagined what everyday life would be like, if it was experienced to the same extremes that our product technologies have been tested to. A number of Geox fans participated to this “research” project facing a 300 km/h wind inside a wind tunnel… controlled by Infiniti Red Bull Racing drivers! Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel had the power to control the wind speed and make the challenge more exciting!



Innovation and research: Geox and
Infiniti Red Bull Racing share this focus.
As Team Partner, Geox tests and improves its breathable technologies in Formula One’s extreme conditions in order to bring performance into everyday life.

Team Partner of the FOUR-time world champion Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team since 2011, Geox provides high-tech footwear for drivers Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo, as well as for the mechanics and entire Team. Infiniti Red Bull Racing recognized Geox as a partner capable of bringing innovation to the world of Formula One®, where high temperatures, tension and physical stress challenge the endurance of all drivers, causing them to lose several kilos in sweat during each race. Geox has brought its extensive technical expertise to the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team, designing the first breathable racing boot: ultra-lightweight, fireproof and FIA-approved. The official Team’s high-tech boots are the inspiration for the new Net Breathing System collection for men and women. Ultra-flexible, breathable and feather-light , the collection ranges from moccasins to sneakers and pumps and features the same patented technology developed for Formula One®, thus bringing research conducted on the track to everyday footwear.


The first breathable boots for F1®

Driver Boot

Driver Boot Outsole

The first breathable boots for F1®

Geox has brought its extensive technical expertise to the
Infiniti Red Bull Racing Team, designing the first breathable racing boot: ultra-lightweight, fireproof and FIA-approved.


  • Sole with extra large perforation
  • Extremely durable hi-tech protective layer
  • Full size waterproof breathable membrane
  • Anti-abrasion and anti-slip sole
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Completely Fireproof
  • Soft Kangaroo leather upper



Since 2011 we have partnered with Infiniti Red Bull Racing F1® team and together we have designed and tested new product innovations, which features in the high tech driver boots developed for World Champion Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo.
These pioneering ultra breathable and lightweight tecnologies used on the F1® race track are now incorporated into our everyday footwear collections.






shoe1 shoe2


The ultimate breathable shoe

Tested during Formula 1® races, this Grand Prix technology is now available on extended Xense and Xand models for men and women.


A sole with extra-large perforations, a special protective layer and a membrane that coats the entire surface – this is the revolutionary
NET Breathing System from GEOX. This footwear technology was designed to offer maximum breathability, even under the extreme conditions of a Formula 1® race car cockpit.